What Sets Remedient Apart

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Our First Goal

Translating Digital Code & Clinical Speak into Beauty, Modernity, & Simplicity

In designing these websites, we knew that they needed to far surpass any other service that claims to provide quality websites for therapists – in form and function.

Our Second Goal

Showcasing The Best of You & Your Practice

With personal and professional experience around the difficulties of finding a therapist who’s a good fit, we know a thing or two about showcasing what the client wants to know – what will make them comfortable and encouraged to reach out and initiate treatment.

Our Third Goal

Giving Providers a Platform to Convey Their Passion & Expertise

By building in a beautifully designed blog module and teaching you the best ways to publish your own, unique content directly to your website, with beautiful high-resolution images and videos to accent your blog, we knew we’d once again be expanding potential clients’ understanding of you and your practice, making them more comfortable and more willing to reach out.

Our Fourth Goal

Drastically Improving the Accessibility, Navigability, & Safety of the Websites

In designing these websites, we also knew that individuals who are seeking therapy are already facing difficult challenges and barriers to getting help. We wanted to make the information simple to navigate, easy to understand, and optimized for fast loading and good search engine placement – and we needed to include crisis resources that abide by safe messaging standards, for the occasions when someone really needs them.