The Firm

Remedient is a Manhattan-based firm offering full-service website design and care plans for mental health professionals.


Remedient is a Manhattan-based Limited Liability Company, founded by Misha Kessler, with the aim to remedy the current state of mental health practitioners’ collective online presence.


We understand that practitioners need to focus on what matters, on what often overburdens them – clients, therapeutic alliances, administrative needs, crises, continuing education, conferences, and on and on – which leaves them very little time to build a website.


The Mission

On a larger scale, Remedient is about the consumer – your prospective client.


At Remedient, we recognize how barriers to treatment build up quickly. When they build up, a consumer’s willingness or ability to seek help becomes severely limited, and oftentimes the mental healthcare industry misses its’ chance to help that individual recover.


We wanted our websites to ensure that a practitioner can capitalize on that very limited window of time, when a consumer happens across their website, encouraging that visitor to message the practitioner and initiate treatment.


From a larger perspective, we’re not just about designing high quality websites; Remedient is intrinsically rooted in the goal of increasing treatment accessibility. We aim to make practitioners more accessible to potential patients, thereby increasing treatment utilization, empowering consumers to make better-informed decisions, and cultivating greater treatment alliances.


The Alternative

There's no other service like Remedient.


Unfortunately, if a practitioner wants a website, it’s a severely frustrating process – if not a nightmare.


First, they’re forced to research all of the services that claim to offer convenience, only to be confronted with indecipherable tech speak. Second, if they decide on another service, they’re still tasked with customizing and populating their website, since the few other services that offer website design for therapists only provide templates and general tech support.


After all is said and done, the templates look underwhelming and unprofessional, at best… Sound familiar?


At Remedient, we wanted to profoundly disrupt this niche, knowing that he could help providers and consumers alike by, first, advancing practitioner websites with cutting edge designs and integrations, and second, providing it through an entirely full-service model.