Misha Kessler

The Designer

Misha Kessler is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur, and advocate in mental health and suicide prevention.


For 6 years, Misha has been pursuing systematic improvements in mental healthcare services. As the director of a nonprofit program at age 23, he managed a multi-hundred thousand dollar SAMHSA grant, and at 24, he left nonprofit work to pursue social justice causes with more sustainable funding models. This led him to found Rmdy.io, which is currently developing an evidence-based system for identifying the best treatment plans and providers for each consumer’s complex needs.


Misha continues to serve in honorary roles across the United States. He is a panel member of the American Psychological Association’s “Clinical Practice Guideline Development Panel for Depressive Disorders”; a board member and senior tech consultant to Six Feet Over, a Michigan-based suicide prevention and post-vention nonprofit, which helps bereaved families with financial assistance; a Member of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NY State Suicide Prevention Task Force; and the Founder of Seven Summits for Suicide Prevention, a biennial mountain climbing fundraiser for suicide prevention organizations.

Misha Kessler

Misha Kessler

New York, NY

Founder & Lead Designer
|   Remedient Design

Founder & CEO
|   Rmdy.io

Task Force Member
|   Gov. Cuomo’s NY Suicide Prevention Task Force

Panel Member
|   APA’s Guideline Development Panel (Depressive Disorders)

|   Seven Summits for Suicide Prevention

Board Member & Senior Consultant
|   Six Feet Over

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The Motivation

Meaningful work, at the intersection of his interests.


While building Rmdy.io, Misha realized that he could find meaningful work (and greater financial stability) at the intersection of his multiple passions – graphic design, website design, mental healthcare accessibility, and treatment compatibility – which led him to found Remedient.


With his expertise in these arenas, Misha is passionate about developing websites that maximize providers’ abilities to communicate their unique focus and personality. Misha believes this inherently leads to better treatment initiation and lowered attrition rates, simply by ensuring every consumer knows what to expect when they start treatment – by ensuring that every consumer who visits one of his websites is greeted with the ultimate comprehensibility and transparency.

The Designer

Misha's accolades include...


Misha was awarded the Jed Foundation’s Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award (2013), the George Washington University’s Service Learning Research Excellence Award (2013) & the Student Staff Service Excellence Award (2010), and Art With Impact’s Short Films On Mental Health Competition 1st Place (2011). He has been interviewed for pieces in U.S. News & World Report, Market Watch, Mic.com, Live Through This, The Boston Globe, NPR-Affiliate station WNYC, and has testified before the United States Congress on the topic of emergency behavioral healthcare services.

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